2010-05-17 08:14:21 by KJR


OMGPOP.com seriously rules :P

Make an account and join me in a game of something :)

Mochi ads!

2008-03-17 12:50:40 by KJR

Click on this link ----------> MOCHIADS! <----------

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Get in!

2008-03-13 16:30:08 by KJR

My level for Shift 2 got in!!!!!!! WOO. AMAZING!

Get in!

Meh...... just sayin hi really

2008-02-04 14:11:12 by KJR

So, got a bit of crap already on here, got lots more to come, so dont worry bout running out. I got shit coming out of my ears. I am hoping to make some better stuff, stuff that some people actually like, but for now a can just chuck my endless crap flashes at ya. Please feel free to contact me, dunno why you would, just thought thats a good thing to say at the end of one of these things. Well,

Toodlepip! XxxxxxxxxxxxxX (ewww your gay)